Essential Reading For Your Online Internet Marketing Business

When trying to figure out a new thing like Internet Marketing or Affiliate Marketing, I  like to figure  out what the “GURUS” are using to market and make more sales.

One of the fastest ways to learn this and really anything, how the top dudes are approaching it is to seek out and try to learn what they are doing directly from them with coaching or membership sites etc. 

-to understand the psychological strategies to make more sales that ever top marketer uses in one way or another to make sales or make more sales.

So in the last year or so and found a few people who I believe really use these skills at a high level in Internet Marketing using emotions

– using human emotions in their sales copy, VSL (video sales letter) who have dug down deep and also pulled stuff and learned from the “mentors” that have been doing it since the 30’s, that have already proven techniques and triggers, so by that they are already tested to work.

These early uses of copy-writing, ex. mail sales letters, in newspapers and magazines and have learned and then taken that into the internet world of marketing still using the same psychological sales triggers that work on us as humans.

There are a few I will list here over time and first up I will start with:

-One dude that is on top of his game as far as a “top seller” is Peter Garety,

so when he offered his first Internet Sales Marketing coaching style where you got a chance to pick his brain… I put down the plastic!

One of the first things I asked Peter Garety was:

“Any sales psychological trigger type reading material you recommend?”

“Absolutely! There are 2 books that anyone who wants to create a serious business online should read.”

Those are:

“Influence: The Psychology Of Persuasion”

and “Predictably Irrational”

Peter Said  “I recommend to read them 10x times at least!”



Most buying decisions are based on emotion. It has been estimated that over 80 per cent of all decisions are based on emotion.
Psychological tactics are POWERFUL emotional message that forces people to choose to either take action or risk missing an opportunity.

Psychological needs of the customer to appeal to their emotions and will increase your chances of getting a sale.

If you are a serious about an online business, I would highly recommend this as Essential Reading for Internet Marketing To Make More Sales- available at your favorite bookshop, library or online store …

I got mine from Amazon and put my BUY links to those below:

if you can use Amazon in your state or country or just to Read the Reviews and use it for future into :

Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, Revised Edition


Predictably Irrational, Revised and Expanded Edition: The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Decisions

They offer Kindle, books, audio etc..  

More Into Coming PLEASE Bookmark