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Michael Cheney is making $1442.29 in commissions a day and had been doing this for many years.

So Cheney has documented the entire process and his claim is if you follow it will make a minimum of $500 in the next 30 days.

Yea yea ... you have heard it all before.. I know me too...?

However this dude seems like the real deal and over delivers with tons of training , and value, dfy (done for you) audio, videos, pdf's.

AND Micheal SAYS "This is BRAND NEW content, tactics and training which I've never shared anywhere else before."

Even if you are brand new to marketing a newbie, you can do this - even if you don't have a list, a website or any any experience.

Commission Cartel A Look Inside the MEMBMERS AREA

Hey Everybody
Mark here from ourbestidea.com
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Checking out the

with a review of Commission Cartel, Michael Cheney's newest product launch
Launch Date: Sorry Over however you can still get it
here at a discount price.

F.E. -Front End Price: $16.95

Who is this Dude?:
Commission Cartel is an affiliate marketing training course by UK Based Affiliate Marketer Michael Cheney that has been working online making a living for over 10 years.

He says he makes $1442.29 A Day in Commissions, getting that number from his stats over the last year.



Tons of Value, Over delivers in the Front End
Everything you need in the $16.95 offer to make $500 in a month and then scale it from there.

So inside the members area - check my review video above or
On Youtube at:

1. Core Video Training

Michael Core Video Training is over 1 HOUR long and goes through finding the best products to promote like in JVZOO,
case studies,
how to create successful promotions with added copy and paste examples, secret sales strategies and more!

2.The Dossier

The Dossier is a PDF version of the main core training with some added insights for those that prefer to learn the ole school way - by reading.

You can print it out, save it to your computer, save it on your phone, iPad or tablet etc.

3.MP3 Audio

So same as above only MP3 Audio
-the Core Training Video and delivered via audio,
you can listen to it on the move in the car
or on your phone,
or while you workout.

4.Step-by-Step Blueprint

This is a simple step-by-step Blueprint again
you can print it out
and then check off

the steps as you go through them.

5. Copy And Paste Promos

27 Hand Crafted by Sir Cheney, D.F.Y. (Done For You)
Copy And Paste Promos that he is using,
with his proven psychological triggers and power hot-buttons
proven to convert into to commissions for you
and shows you how you can put them of
Facebook, your blog or in your email auto-responders.

6. Big Commission Bootcamp

This is more Video Training
that dives into finding and successfully
promoting HIGH COMMISSION products
using what he calls "cookie jar philosophy"
to teach you how to earn bigger commissions that you thought possible.

7. Affiliate Marketing Masterclass

Another video training from the master himself, a secret Sopranos affiliate method you can use with no-ads, no-list way to get instant sales and affiliate commissions.

Now Only  $16.95 for all this:

8. Uncensored Affiliate Secrets

This is from Michael previously taught COACHING that people paid $4,997 for which blew people AWAY. This report is the best bits of the affiliate training from that program, and he walks you through, step-by-step, the money making anatomy of a REAL-LIFE affiliate promotion which brought in tens of thousands of dollars

There are 2 upsells/OTO’s:

Check the info and prices ……
OVER THERE and above====>>>>

The Bad:

You have to at least try and put in the time to learn
and then implement what he is teaching
to try and make large each and every day or that is YOUR BAD!

So like everything “Up To You”
if you have the will power, disciple.


The dude, SIR Michael Cheney is a Millionaire Affiliate Marketer
and we aren’t (you may be ).

We are “Want-A-B’s”.

However ......the best way to learn how to be one of
those dudes is get mentored in one way or the other from the best…

He lays it all out really well in an easy to get around in
MEMBERS AREA as you can
see in the ABOVE VIDEO!

Michael has his style and if it fits you then for
less then $100.00 with all the OTO'S (not needed)
with tons of Extra BONUSES we here at OurBestiDea have given you below to help round out your business….

We would recommend to:

then just hit the BIG GREEN BUTTON below and get yourself on the road to where you what to be at, wheather it is to buy a big fancy car or just take the kids on some great vacations or just chill out and live life.

Please let me know if you need anything by hitting up Mark - [email protected]



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Product vendors siphon away affiliate marketers most valuable asset, without paying them a single dime!

I realized that there is a way I can actually stop one of the biggest things I personally don't like about affiliate marketing.

As affiliate marketers we have to learn to accept that when we send traffic to a sales page, if that traffic buys the product we are promoting, that person will then end up on the vendors email list. This makes sense because that person is now the vendors customer. It's not such a big deal though because you were compensated for your efforts and for sending the vendor that lead in the form of the affiliate commission you received.

But many vendors have a way to add your traffic to their email list without paying you a single dime!


Instantly Add Facebook Retargeting Pixels To Any Page
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* And dumpertruckloads more...


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